Join Strangemen Theatre Company this November 2018 for Our Next production off-Broadway!

Written by Scott Aiello, with direction by Claire Karpen, and produced by Strangemen Theatre Company, BERNIE AND MIKEY’S TRIP TO THE MOON centers around the Vincolos, an Italian-American family in 1990s Chicago, and the love, laughter, trials, and tribulations that come from raising a child with a cognitive disability. For this family, life is about fighting to find the balance between responsibility, loyalty, and personal happiness…and sometimes it’s just about fighting. Throw in Elvis Presley, a baseball bat, the moon, and a giant pot of tomato sauce and you have the recipe for this new and heart-warming dark comedy.

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Band practice.

Band Practice is a monthly program where company members and guests get together to practice, teach, and learn. We work on technique, experiment with new ways of working, and tell bad jokes.


the family reading series.

The Family Reading Series is a monthly event where company members and guests come together to eat, drink, and read aloud a favorite play, screenplay, or poem. It's a time to try something new - to play a part you'll never play, to make bold choices, and to learn something new about a piece of text or character.

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