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Strangemen Theatre Company goes back off-broadway November 2018 to 59E59 Theaters!

BERNIE AND MIKEY’S TRIP TO THE MOON centers around a sister and brother, both perched on the edge of adulthood—trapped between the lives they crave and the circumstances they were born into. The children of a working class Italian family in 1990s Chicago, Mikey is torn between unrequited potential and loyalty to his sister, while Bernie, living with a cognitive disability, searches for her voice in the face of a world unwilling to listen. 

The world premiere debut of playwright Scott Aiello, directed by Claire Karpen and produced by Strangemen Theatre Company, BERNIE AND MIKEY'S TRIP TO THE MOON is a heart-wrenching comedy about one family's coming of age, as they reckon with what they'll sacrifice to protect one another—and what they won't.



Classes & Programs


dance Class (for actors!) with Jill.

DANCE CLASS (FOR ACTORS!WITH JILL is an ongoing class series developed by JILL ECHO (TAKE Dance, Paul Taylor Dance Company) and sponsored by STRANGMEN THEATRE COMPANY which creates an open, supportive environment for the actor to explore their instrument. Through modern dance technique, actors find the physical voice, strength, passion, and freedom of expression which lie at the essence of authentic truth and storytelling. 
Holding to the belief that emotion stores itself within the physical body causing movement to be essential as a basis for expression, and focusing intensely on the core elements of modern dance, this class series establishes a technique which supports and enhances the actor's physicality, enabling them to develop a grounded base for fluid movement, and a wide range of choices to support character and story. Through this technique, the actor learns how to commit to telling stories that resonate with an audience through finding an authentic physical voice based upon full-bodied freedom of expression and the ability to forge a physical to emotional connection as they enter into both the physical and emotional life of a character.
Weekly classes will be broken into structured warm-ups, building to larger combinations and phrasework, and incorporating varying degrees of improvisation, structured games, emotional study, movement vignettes, and partnering work. 

Dates of classes are announced at the beginning of each month via our newsletter & social media, with sign ups for each individual class opening one week prior.

DCWJ will be taking the Winter/Spring semester off to plan out our SUMMER INTENSIVE.


For more information on the class and future participation, please email us at

Band practice.

Band Practice is an ongoing program developed to provide the opportunity for company members and guests to come together to practice, teach, and learn. We work on technique, experiment with new ways of working, and tell bad jokes.


the family reading series.

The Family Reading Series is an ongoing event where company members and guests come together to eat, drink, and read aloud a favorite play, screenplay, or poem. It's a time to try something new - to play a part you'll never play, to make bold choices, and to learn something new about a piece of text or character.

To find out more about Strangemen programs and events, shoot us an email at: