Strangemen & Co. 
was created as a venue for great storytelling. 

Its the story that drives our methods, our designs, our passion, and the story that we strive to serve. We seek to foster and encourage collaboration between multi-talented, multi-disciplinary artists, and to provide an artistic home for up-and-coming theatre-makers. 

We look to be innovative and to mine unexpected sources in our design, direction and production. So long as our story inspires us stay up late and wake up early, so long as we have enough cardboard and hot glue, we will tell it. 

Are you a StrangeM(a)n or Woman? We hope for this collaboration to grow, and to bring more artists into the fold. Interested in any of our current projects, and wanna join? Do you have an idea for a project that you would like collaborate with the StrangeMen on? If so, shoot us an email ( We love getting email. Makes us feel fancy.

Take a look around... there's plenty to see!


Board of Directors

Jason Ralph
 (Co-Artistic/Producing Director) 
is another from the great land of Texas. Broadway: Peter and the Starcatcher (Brooks Atkinson Theatre) Theatre: IN (Pioneer Theatre), Home Movies (MITF) TV: Gossip Girl, Unforgettable, The Good Wife, Smash.Training: BFA from SUNY Purchase.
Check out his website for more info.

James Ortiz (Co-Artistic Director) 
is a NYC based actor, director, writer, puppet designer, and generally okay guy originally from Richardson, Texas. His directing credits include: All's Well That Ends Well, The Rocky Horror (puppet) Show and The Glass Menagerie. Acting credits include El Gato Con Botas (with Tectonic Theatre Co.) Rhinoceros (with the UglyRhino Theatre Co.) and The Boogyman Thumbs A1-A which premiered at the 2010 Fringe festival with The Glass Bandits Theatre co. ( Training: BFA from SUNY Purchase.

Frank Winters (Resident Playwright/Co-Artistic Director) 
is a playwright, actor, and director from Pleasantville, New York and, just to shake things up, is a graduate of the BFA Acting Conservatory at Purchase College. His first play, Home Movies, was produced at the Midtown International Theater Festival in 2011, and was nominated for five festival awards. The play didn't win any of them. Not that he dwells on that.

Company Members

Jen Loring

Steven Laing

Lilly Egan

Sofia Lauwers

Will Gallacher

Olivia Osol

Devin Dunne Cannon

Amanda Adele Lederer

Claudia Clark

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