Strangemen & Co. looks to simply honor what is truthful - one story at a time.

Are you a StrangeM(a)n or Woman? We hope for this collaboration to grow, and to bring more artists into the fold. Interested in any of our current projects, and wanna join? Do you have an idea for a project that you would like collaborate with the StrangeMen on? If so, shoot us an email (info@strangemencompany.com). We love getting email. Makes us feel fancy.

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Jason Ralph
 (Co-Artistic/Producing Director) 

James Ortiz (Co-Artistic Director) 

Frank Winters (Co-Artistic Director) 

Amanda Adele Lederer (Managing Producer)

Lilly Egan (Company Member)

Will Gallacher 
(Company Member)

Devin Dunne Cannon 
(Company Member)
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Have questions? Interested in a collaboration? Just wanna say hello?

Email us at: info@strangemencompany.com