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At it's heart, Strangemen is about development. Here are some a sneak peek's at what we're currently working on.

Current plays in-development:

the Collaborative Works Program

As a company, we’re passionate for developing new work and new collaborators! The Collaborative Works Program is a continuously expanding process through which we strive to do just that. Through the CW Program, we meet each project at the level of development it’s currently in, talking through the creative goals for the project, and creating a specific trajectory to realize those goals using the resources we have at our disposal. Each process becomes as individual as the project within it. Previous and current collaborations and CW Program workshops include: AND THE WAR CAME with playwright and composer Jen Loring and BERNIE & MIKEY’S TRIP TO THE MOON with playwright Scott Aiello and director Claire Karpen.

For more information regarding the Collaborative Works Program, or to share the project you’re excited about and want to work on with us, simply shoot us an email at  -- we’d love to to hear about it!


O'neil workshop

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