MISSION. Strangemen & Co. seeks to foster and encourage collaboration between multi-talented, multi-disciplinary artists, and to provide an artistic home for up-and-coming theatre-makers. We look to be innovative and to mine unexpected sources in our design, direction, and productions. We look to simply honor what is truthful - one story at a time.

HOW WE STARTED. Strangemen & Co. was founded in 2010 by graduates of the SUNY Purchase Acting Conservatory for Theatre Arts and Film. We find joy in creating company-devised work, and look to include like-minded individuals from diverse theatrical backgrounds who share our passion in honoring what is simple and true in each individual story. Come play with us!

Co-Artistic Director, Jason Ralph
Co-Artistic Director, James Ortiz
Co-Artistic Director, Frank Winters
Producing Director, Allison Bressi
Associate Producer, Rebecca Black
Associate Artistic Directors, Will Gallacher
Associate Artistic Directors, Amanda A. Lederer

Rachel Brosnahan
Robb Nanus
Rachel Sussman
Christine Scarfuto

Morgan Auld
Ben Bass
Devin Dunne Cannon
Lilly Egan
Alex Gould
Carter Hudson
Kennedy Kanagawa
Claire Karpen
Sofia Lauwers
Jen Loring
Aaron McDaniel
Ismenia Mendes
Lauren Nordvig
Olivia Osol
Eliza Simpson
Meghan St. Thomas
Sophia Zukoski